Readers may have noticed that the posting here has been a little light in the last few months. The reasons for the light posting are outlined below, but, we never went far, and are back. More than ever, looking forward to providing our clients with the best service in the tax, accounting and advisory spheres than ever before!

So where did we go? Being a young small business we are always looking for people and business to form mutually beneficial relationships. This works to the advantage for our clients, providing high quality professionals in other fields and gives their clients access to our high level of tax, accounting and advisory experience.

We entered such a relationship in August with a financial services firm in Surfers Paradise, and as part of the arrangement commenced trading under their name.

During this period, there was every indication that the new business would go ahead, so our focus was on growing that business. Subsequently, less time was spent in the business development of Cake Accounting, and less time on writing blog posts.

As the year wound down, we reassessed the relationship, and felt it better to stay friends, but not continue in business together.

So now we are back as Cake Accounting and more excited about servicing our clients than ever. Keep on the lookout for more exciting developments in the new year!