It is a reality that at some point in the future you will not be running your business.

Perhaps you plan to someday sell your business to a competitor or referral partner, or perhaps pass it on to your children.

The sad reality is that a number of businesses can’t be sold when the owner wants to sell.

An even sadder occurrence is when an event (such as a death in the family, or life changing medical diagnosis) occurs and the business needs to be sold or shutdown quickly. In these circumstances it is very rare for a business to achieve the exit value the owner feels is fair, given the time, sweat and tears taken to build the business.

By building a sale ready business, not only is it easier (and more satisfying) to operate, it is more likely you will achieve your desired sale price when that time comes.

We also find clients that are looking to continue to grow and take on external investment. A sale ready business is more likely to attract investment than a business without systems that relies purely on the owner.

In working with clients over a 3-5 year period, we can help them not only increase the profit of the business, but the multiple at which the business is sold.

That is what we call having a Sweeter Business.