GST on Google AdWords

This morning Google announced that they were changing some of their advertising terms and conditions. The most important part of the announcement is that goods and services tax (GST) will be charged on Google AdWords spends from 1 November 2016. As a technicality, Google are assigning Australian based advertising contracts […]

2016 Budget Update for Small Business

Last night the Treasurer delivered his first budget, which lays the way for a Federal Election on 2 July. This year we have split our Federal Budget update into two parts. This second part contains announcements relevant to businesses and business owners. You can read part one with announcements relevant […]

2016 Budget Update for Individuals and Families

Last night the Treasurer delivered his first budget, which lays the way for a Federal Election on 2 July. This year we have split our Federal Budget update into two parts, part one below for individuals and families and part two for businesses. To read more about the announcements for […]

Tax Lodgement Due Date Fast Approaching

The final date for the lodgement of 2015 income tax returns is 16 May*. That is less than one month away! It is important to lodge your tax returns on time, as the ATO may impose penalties and charge interest on any amounts due if your return is lodged late. […]

Two Factor Authentication in Xero

While not a new feature addition to Xero, we haven’t written about it, and as data security is very important to us, thought it prudent to share. A few months ago Xero enabled users to sign in using two factor authentication. For those not familiar with the term, two factor […]

Using Technology to Deliver Better Customer Service

One of the key focuses of Cake Accounting in 2016 (and beyond) is delivering excellent customer service. To assist, we are identifying and using technology with excellent customer service in mind. There are a large number of tools that have been developed in the last decade, some of which we […]

Xero Promotion

Xero Logo

For those of you out there thinking about using Xero to maintain your financial affairs, have yourself an early Christmas! Until 24 December, we have a special promo code to offer Cake Accounting clients 25% off the regular price of a Xero subscription for twelve months. That is a saving […]

Cake Accounting – Where Did We Go?

Readers may have noticed that the posting here has been a little light in the last few months. The reasons for the light posting are outlined below, but, we never went far, and are back. More than ever, looking forward to providing our clients with the best service in the […]

Structures Part 2, Companies & Trusts

This is part two of a three part post covering business structures. Part one covers individuals and partnerships, this part considers companies and trusts and part three will consider combinations of these structures. While the usual requirements when carrying on a business are constant, each of these structure have different […]

ATO Introduces myDeductions Tool

This week the ATO has introduced a new tool in their mobile phone app called myDeductions. This app is available for most smartphones, including Android, Apple and Windows Phones. According to the ATO, this tool makes it easier for individuals to keep deduction records, and will allow this information to […]